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HP LaserJet P1005 Printer - Free Download Driver

- February 08, 2019
HP LaserJet P1005 Printer - Free Download Driver

HP's submission to the month's roundup has the dubious distinction of being the joint most expensive printer to run. But where we are just about ready to forgive the Samsung ML-1630W for its trendy lines and wireless functions, the HP LaserJet P1005 isn't so lucky.

Although the printer is very cheap to buy at #72 exc VAT, you will quickly end up regretting your penny-pinching manners as the low-capacity starter capsule (700 pages) and costly replacements (#44 each 1,500 pages) start to rack up. In the end, after 10,000 pages only two printers will have cost you the far more capable Lexmark E260dn and the Samsung ML-1630W.

Things start to think of the print quality, which can be above average. Text in all useable font sizes is crisp and black with personalities that are well-formed, and photographic outcome - although a small grainy - is free from banding.

But alas, the great news does not last long. Print speed is slow at a ranked 14ppm and although the HP matches these claims for plain text, using a quick processing time of just two seconds our tougher evaluations needed it floundering. We waited a painful 50 minutes before it started to print our 12-page Excel spreadsheet, even though it did manage to churn through those pages at a rate of 12ppm once it chose to get started. Our 24-page DTP document slowed it further to 9ppm.

The last nail in the coffin of this printer, however, is that the quality of the opposition: that the P1005 is simply too expensive, too slow and also basic to compete. Within this price bracket, Brother's HL-2035 beats it hands down into every conceivable department.


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