Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless Review - Free Download Driver - YES PRINTER DRIVER

Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless Review - Free Download Driver

- April 19, 2019
Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless Review - Free Download Driver
A printer that does everything is not tough to find. The printer business is fairly aggressive, and new models are pushed out every year. Though you only see really significant improvements every five years or so, even smaller incremental advancements can amount to something greater.

Although it's becoming hard to envision what kind of manners printers can continue to enhance, brands like Canon seem to keep discovering new ways to reinvent simplicity.

Canon TS8220 Wireless All in 1
The All-in-One lineup of Canon printers are a mixture of many essential home office characteristics, like scanning, copying, and printing. Some years ago, faxing has been an essential part of the all round approach too. But these days, Internet connectivity attributes have usurped the place of facsimile features, or otherwise relegated them to the bottom of an obscure menu.

To sum it up quickly, the Canon Pixma TS8220 is really a mid-range printer, however it seems just like a high-end printer. That is partly because it has inherited so many features that used to be exclusive to high end devicesand features like wireless connectivity and LCD touchscreen controls. And partially due to a broadly powerful feature set paired with flexible support for paper media.

The Canon Pixma TS82200 is slightly more sophisticated than most traditional colour printers. It uses a six-color ink system, which allows it to make particularly sharp prints. Though the best colour prints still require highly specialized gear, the Canon Pixma TS8220 gets near that level of excellence. However, what else can it do?

Build & Design
Most printers look in the same. It is likely because most printers are created by a couple of manufacturers. When every car was created by a few companies, cars also tended to seem the same. On the other hand, the Canon Pixma TS8220 is truly slightly different. Not just in its horizontal form, but also in color. The Canon Pixma TS8220 is available in black, red, and white. Having three options for colour is just two more options than many printers provide.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 includes a box-like layout, with each corner of the unit leading a flat border. The topside is flat and square, the bottom is flat and square, and the paper-feeder is square and flat. The LED screen along with the panel it is resting upon are flat and square. The topside also hides a flatbed scanner, which can be flat and square.

Giving no pretense of reliability, the Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One single weighs approximately 14.5lbs. It's clearly intended to take a static position inside an office, although it is not too large to fit on many office printer stands.

About the front-face of this Canon Pixma TS 8220 Wireless All in One's a 4.3" touchscreen LCD. It is a full-color replacement for the older white and black 3-line screens Canon printers used to utilize. On the home page of this screen, the three biggest buttons are copy, scan, and print. With a couple of taps, you are able to get essentially every other function inside the printer.

Connectivity Options
Wonderful connectivity choices are fairly conventional on printers for a couple of years now. As an instance, the cheapest printers available on the market typically can provide some kind of wireless connectivity.

And it supports connections through almost any SD card you might think about using, including SD, mini SD, microSD, and so on.

In short, there is basically a limitless chain of ways you can get your apparatus to communicate with all the Canon Pixma TS8220. Instead of picking from just one form of wireless, or just 1 type of SD card, the Canon Pixma TS8220 provides you every thing but the kitchen sink. This makes it easy to provide this printer an A+ to get connectivity.

Benefits of Use
The Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One gives full native support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. If you are interested in integrating a printer to some smart-home installation, then you could not ask for better options.

It should surprise a few people that Canon has their very own printer app. The program uses an interface that is really quite similar to the one used in the 4.3" LCD. As you get acquainted with you, you become familiar with another. And making it pretty easy to restrain your printer from everywhere.

The Canon PRINT program is not the only app you can use with the TS8220, in addition, it has Message in Print and Easy PhotoPrint Editor. They are somewhat straightforward and approachable editing tools that could be employed to help spice-up your own prints. In addition to mobile programs, the Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One single carries a scan utility application, and a replica of this required Canon Pixma TS7220 printer driver.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 is built with a standardized document tray measuring 8.5 x 11.7-inches, which corresponds to A4 correspondence newspaper. It also supports essentially every standard smaller arrangement, including 3.5 x 3.5-inch photo paper. Like many home office equipment, you won't be pulling giant banners or posters out of the printer.

The maximum rear tray capacity is 100 sheets of paper, or approximately 10-20 sheets of paper. It's dependent upon the depth of this paper. The front paper tape can manage an extra 100 sheets of plain paper.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 enjoys broad compatibility with many types of paper. It also includes fine art paper, greeting cards, printable CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks, t-shirt transfers, and 10 envelopes.

And if you're using full-sized picture paper or creating smaller x 5 prints, they are out looking very vivid since the Canon Pixma TS8220 uses 16-bit color thickness per RGB channel. High optical resolution and good color depth mixed is really what helps the Canon TS8220 shine.

Printing Excellent Longevity
There is very little wonder that the Canon Pixma TS8220 will make good looking prints. That's not wholly surprising since Canon makes loads of great printers. But the thing which makes the TS8220 special is its own photo blue ink tank, which is the important element supporting the 6-color ink program.

Without getting into all the particulars of how one colour interacts with another, the fact that this printer features its very own special blue ink tank allows it to decrease graininess while creating higher contrast prints. Based on the paper you are using, these prints may favorably compare with professional quality prints.

But how long do the prints ? With the Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One, Canon is using ChromaLife100 technology, which is intended to protect pictures for quite some time. In a photograph album, you can expect about a century of protection from evaporating. Colors last about three decades when put behind glass. Without glass, even an unprotected photo can still manage to keep its vivacity for approximately 20-years.

Feature Place
The Canon Pixma TS8220 was constructed to contain AirPrint and duplex printing. It makes use of an auto-expandable output tray, automatic print head alignment, and an automatic power on/off feature to reduce electricity consumption. It may also function in a unique silent way to decrease noise outputsignal, though doing so can slow down the functioning of the printer.

Not one of these features are particularly unique or remarkable for a printer in this price range, but they all perform together with the sort of excellence you would expect from a mid century Canon printer such as the Canon Pixma TS8220. To put it simply, it's every feature you would expect or want from a house printer.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One may replicate a colour sheet in about 20 seconds. Once it's your data, the scanner can attach it to an email, or save those scans directly into a PC in your system. You can scan wirelessly and automatically. And when you're done, the Canon Pixma TS8220 will remind you to eliminate your file.

That includes things like car coverage copy, borderless copy, disk tag, fit-to-page, ID card copy, multiple copy, two sided copy, photo enlargement/reduction, etc.

Other Considerations
The ink is available in cartridges that are buttery, which can be slightly cheaper than the standard cartridges. Canon has some decently affordable ink delivery and ink subscription services that can slice the price of ink farther.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One affirms Windows 7 and outside, and Mac OSX 10 and afterwards.

Canon features a 1-year warranty with all the Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in One single. They also possess an Instant Exchange program. If there's an issue with your printer and you will need a replacement instantly, their application can help return to work as soon as possible.

The Canon Pixma TS8220 provides marginally lavish features such as duplex printing, along with wide program and applications support. And yet it's strong enough to create rich color comparably to some other printer in this price range.

These factors combined make Canon Pixma TS8220 effective at taking on virtually any project or workload. It is certainly great for printing family photos, tickets, reports, and similar documents. In the least, for a house or small office atmosphere. If you are looking to have a dozen people make active use of this printer all day, then you would require a printer constructed particularly for high throughput.

Provided you're not expecting high throughput, the Canon Pixma TS8220 has basically every feature you might desire from an all-purpose printer. And should you make extensive usage of your printer, then that list could be quite lengthy. Consequently, the Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless All in 1 is a good option for someone who's searching for a feature-heavy home office printer, which also has lots of wireless connectivity options.

OS Compatibility :
Windows: Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1
Mac: Mac OS® X v10.10.5 - macOS v10.13 (High Sierra) 
Mobile Operating Systems:24 iOS®, Android™, Windows 10 Mobile, and Fire OS (Amazon Fire) devices.

PIXMA TS8220 Box Contents :
PIXMA TS8220 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One Printer
Multi-Purpose Tray
4" x 6" Photo Paper Sample Pack (3 sheets PP-301) 
Setup CD
Set of Standard Ink Tanks
Power Cord

Pixma TS8200 series MP Drivers Ver.1.02 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
(32 & 64 Bit)
Pixma TS8200 series Full Driver & Software Package Windows
XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 Bit)
IJ Network Device Setup Utility Ver.1.8.1 Windows 
PosterArtist Updater Ver.3.12.10 Windows 
Printer Firmware Updater (Windows) for TS8200 series Ver.1.0
IJ Scan Utility Lite Ver.3.1.0 for Mac OS
Pixma TS8200 series Software Package


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