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Canon SELPHY CP1300 Review - Free Download Driver

- April 08, 2019
Canon SELPHY CP1300 Review - Free Download Driver
A slightly larger display, a better user interface and hunt, and a way to collaborate with buddies on collages over a Wi-Fi link are among this picture printer's additional features. The CP1300 retains its predecessor's portability, variety of relationship options, and great printing quality, and it inherits the CP1200's Editors' Choice.

Few small-format printers using a dimension and feature set like the Canon SELPHY CP1300 are on the marketplace, and older versions of this type are seldom refreshed. Instead, miniature (pocket-size, for the most part) printers that produce wallet-size prints (from pictures sent wirelessly from phones or tablets) have been the rage. Most use what is called Zero INK (ZINK) technology, which traditionally features produced murky-mediocre at best-eyeglasses, however, that HP has tweaked to boost printing quality substantially in its newest ZINK-based offering, the Editors' Choice HP Sprocket 2nd Edition.

Even though these are cool devices, they are limited in print dimensions and connectivity, and they're really concentrated on the audience which wants to publish and discuss smartphone pics, therefore they don't compete directly with the larger, full-featured Canon SELPHY CP1300. (Even the Kodak Photo Printer Dock, which employs the identical dye-sublimation printing method as the Canon SELPHY CP1300 and prints up to 4-by-6-inch pictures, requires a smartphonewhich functions as its screen and control paneland an app to publish.) That's why we split such pocket photo printers away from small-format picture printers and gave them their own course of Editors' Choice concerns.

Since the Canon SELPHY CP1300 is really similar to its predecessor, you will want to have a peek at my review of this Canon Selphy CP1200 for a more comprehensive description of features, but here's a summary. It's available in either white or black. The one obvious update in the Canon SELPHY CP1200 is the 3.2-inch non-touch colour LCD display, which is upsized in 2.7 inches. The Canon SELPHY CP1300 measures 2.5 by 7 5.4 inches (HWD) and weighs 2.5 pounds with the tape and ink cartridge loaded, or 3.1 pounds once you include the power port. A battery, that Canon claims is good for up to 54 prints per charge, is offered as an $89.99 option.

But That Missing Cable
The CP1300 has an SD-card slot and a port for a USB thumb drive for direct printing from memory apparatus. You are able to connect the printer to your computer via Wi-Fi (in addition to a direct wireless link, with the printer behaving as its hotspot) or USB; it has a mini-USB Type-B port. The CP1300 doesn't contain that cable, however, which is significant because this connection has been phased out mostly in favour of micro-USB--its heyday was close to a decade back.

You may order mini-USB wires, and some shops still carry them, but be aware of this if you want to proceed the wired route with this printer. Otherwise, you may not have a mini-USB cable wrapped around in case you need it. The Canon SELPHY CP1300 can print directly from a PictBridge-compatible camera on the USB connection or a direct wireless connection.

I was not initially slated to examine the Canon SELPHY CP1300, however, I had occasion to pick it while searching for a small-format photo printerand briefly use it, and I was duly impressed.

Last NovemberI was due to go on a trip with a photography set into Jordan, part of that entailed spending two weeks in a school for young Syrians who had been displaced by warfare. There, we'd teach them photography principles and go on photo walks with them in the area around the school. Along with bringing two point-and-shoot cameras to the school, I made a decision to donate them a photo printer so that the children could actually make copies of images they'd created. The requirements affordability, little size (so that I can easily pack it into my bag ), print quality, print dimensions (up to 4 by 6 inches), and the capability to print from memory cards and machines, in addition to wirelessly. Hence that the Canon SELPHY CP1300 proved to be a natural choice.

Canon SELPHY CP1300

The printer obtained through the trip unscathed, although it did raise the eyebrows of some Jordanian customs officer who wondered how the apparatus so small may be a printer. Before I arrived at Jordan, I spent a couple of days in Egypt, also set up and analyzed the Canon SELPHY CP1300 within my Cairo hotel room. It survived a fall unharmed, and its test prints were of very good quality. Although we didn't have a opportunity to use it at the school while we were there, a volunteer had no problem putting it up for later usage. As soon as I got back to New YorkI asked a CP1300 inspection unit, where I did our formal testing comprehensive below.

Four Feels Are Much Better Than You?
The print technology employed by the Canon SELPHY CP1300, thermal dye sublimation, usually provides good print quality (and did in the event of the Canon SELPHY CP1300). Additional advantages of dye-sublimation printing is that the ink dries instantly, and its own prints are permanent (rated for 100 years). In dye sublimation, the paper is fed through the printer back at a collection of four moves, one for each color (cyan, magenta, yellow, and a clear coating ). On every pass, another color dye from the ribbon is sublimated (vaporized) and hauled on the picture paper.

Requiring four passes lengthens print times. Together with the Canon SELPHY CP1300, rates were fairly constant, hovering around a minute, regardless of the way I employed. When printing with an SD cardprint occasions averaged 56 seconds; they averaged 1 min and 2 seconds whether I printed within a USB connection, by Wi-Fi, or over a direct wireless connection. (Be informed that our Wi-Fi test installation is really a high-speed FiOS system, along with other Wi-Fi programs might not produce these fast times.)

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Review - Free Download Driver

By comparison, the Kodak Photo Printer Dock took around 1 minute and 50 seconds per print. The Epson PictureMate PM-400 Personal Photo Lab was much zippier, averaging 42 minutes per 4-by-6-inch print. Unlike the  Canon SELPHY CP1300 and other printers mentioned here, the PictureMate PM-400 may also lead 5-by-7-inch prints.

Sharp Snaps, Rich Colors
The general print quality on my test prints ranged from good to really good. Most of the prints are comparable to drugstore prints and in some cases much better, with rich colours that compare favorably with all the original artwork. The few prints that were subpar showed a lack of detail their very dim or very light areas. Out of my primary streak of 20 test prints, then I now categorized six as above par, 12 as on par, and twice as below par.

The price per print, according to Canon's pricing and return figures for its 108-pack of all consumables--which unites ink cartridges and paper--comes to a fair 35 cents per 4-by-6-inch print, fitting the present figure for its Canon SELPHY CP1200, which utilizes exactly the same paper. Cost per print for 4-by-6-inch prints from the Epson PictureMate PM-400 have been 39 centsthe identical cost as 4-by-6-inch prints in the Kodak Photo Printer Dock.

Of those pocket photo printers, the HP Sprocket Plus is just one of those few which prints bigger than 2-by-3-inch, though just slightly (2.3 by 3.4 inches), and the cost of its output is a steep 65 cents per print. HP does better with the Sprocket 2nd Edition's 2-by-3-inch prints, which come in at 45 cents each if you get a 100-pack of paper.

A Versatile, Portable Photo Printer
Few portable small-format photo printers supply the print dimensions, print quality, and also connection choices of the Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. It replaces the Canon Selphy CP1200, retaining that version's good print quality, low price per print, and also wealth of link choices and including a larger LCD and a few other convenience features to get our most recent small-format Editors' Choice. If your plan is to print pictures only from your smartphone, and can make do with wallet-size prints, then the more HP Sprocket 2nd Edition must be on your list. But anyone on the market for a mobile photo printer which could print at larger than wallet-size should provide the Canon Selphy CP1300 a close look.

OS Compatibility :
Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1Mac:13 Mac OS® X v10.10.x - macOS v10.12 (Sierra) Mobile Operating Systems: iOS®, Android™, Windows 10 Mobile, Amazon Fire devices.

Standard Interfaces :
Wi-Fi® (Wireless LAN, 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g)
Memory Card Slot
PictBridge (USB) & Wireless PictBridge (Wireless LAN)
Hi-Speed USB (Cable not included)
USB Flash Memory

Features :
Borderless/Bordered Printing, Brightness Correction, Canon PRINT app1, Color Adjustment, Cropping, Date Print, DPOF, ID Photo Print, Index Print, Image Optimize (Brightness Correction, Scene Detection), Layout Print (Photo booth (2x6) Size, Fixed Size, 1-up/2-up/4-up/8-up/2-up Fixed Size/Index, Party Shuffle, Shuffle), Mopria Device Printing, My Colors, PictBridge/Wireless PictBridge, Portrait Image Optimize, Reprinting, Smooth Skin, Wireless Printing4, Tilting 3.2 LCD Screen, Energy Star® Certified, 17 Language User Interface, Anti-theft Wire Lock Slot, Optional Battery Pack, Power Save, Red-Eye Correction

SELPHY CP1300 Printer Driver V1.0 for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 Bit)
Printer User Guide (pdf)
Getting Started Guide (pdf)


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