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Epson SureColor T5270 Review - Free Download Driver

- April 08, 2019
The very affordable Epson SureColor T5270 is one of the best wide-format printers, using top resolution, image quality and an optional scanner attachment. Limited though it could be in speed and size, it packs a quality punch few can match.

It might not have the bells and whistles or even vast array of inks that its rivals do, but this 36-inch wide printer that produces amazingly sharp and accurate prints. The price to pay for this flexibility is that the Epson SureColor T5270 is among the lightest printers in its category. A great starter wide-format printer, even the 3,995 model can be updated, which makes it among the most flexible and elastic wide-format printers round.

If you go for the 320GB hard drive it will cost approximately $400 more. It's possible to add another roller for about $2,000 extra.

Offered in 110-, 330- along with 700 ml tanks, and the cost is in accord with similar inks from different makers. On the other hand, the Epson ink won't stand up to prolonged climatic, so the prints must remain indoors. The Epson SureColor T5270 also includes a 75 ink flow box, and this slides into position.

Product Specs
Among the tiniest wide-format printers readily available, the Epson SureColor T5270 occupies just 56- by 45- inches of ground area and is 30-inches tall. That means that just about any office may find space for it. Weighing in at 190 lbs, it'll have a couple folks to set this up. The printer has a wheeled cart and then publish .

They include UltraChrome XD formulations for cyan, magenta and yellow as well as picture and vertical blacks.

Using Epson's Precision Core print head, the Epson SureColor T5270 may lay down droplets of a varying dimensions down to as little as 3.5 picoliters. With a high resolution of 1440-by-2880 dots per inch, it is the high-resolution king, with the ability to place down over 4 million dots per square inch. Its exact printheads can create lines as thin as 0.018mm with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 percentage. The output works well for anything from technical illustrations and construction plans to simple posters and banners.

Behind the scenes, the Epson SureColor T5270 utilizes a Realoid chip to control the printing process but the base model lacks an internal hard disk drive.

Epson SureColor T5270

The printer's color screen and easy control pad allow for effortless configuration or press changes. It can be used with a single computer through its USB interface or linked to any customer on the company's network with all the Epson SureColor T5270's gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Among the very flexible designs on the marketplace, the Epson SureColor T5270 enables you to mix and match hardware add-ons. The foundation T5270 includes a single internal roll accessible, but it could readily be updated with another roster or find the dual-roll T5270D model. The same goes for a large format scanner which could copy large originals or create 600-dot per inch digital files. It's possible to upgrade base T5270 models or find the multi-function version of the T5270D.

Epson sells a fantastic variety of media for your T5270, including the anticipated plain, bond and picture papers as well as metallic finish stock. You're able to use fabrics and vinyl media for specialty programs, and in any time, the printer could accommodate precut sheets or card stock of up to 36-inches broad and 1.5mm thick.

When used at its top resolution, then the Epson SureColor T5270 is a slow poke. Epson specs the printer at speeds of up to 740 square feet per hour in draft mode, less than half of the rate of comparable printers. Up the output to its best quality and also the Epson SureColor T5270's speed drops to 115 square feet each day. Nevertheless that equates to approximately 3 minutes to deliver a D-size (24- by 36-inches) print.

Following printingthe T5270's cutter takes over and slices off the print the roster.

Epson's software stands out from the audience with a range of apps and programs, like its Excel-based accounting tool for charging departments or jobs. You will find drivers for everything from PCs and Macs to apps for iPads and Androids that may print, scan and copy things. 

Highly Productive
  •  Print documents at outstanding speeds of up to 2 A1 prints per minute, effectively assisting you in meeting deadlines and ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Minimise downtime and save paper with automatic dual roll media design with the dual-roll models.
  • Scan and share over the network or via e-mail, and even store files directly into your document management system with the multi-function models to smoothen workflow and increase workplace productivity.

Unparalleled Versatility
Produce a variety of prints with impeccable precision on a range of substrates, including 1.5mm thickboards. From architectural plans to maps and 3D renderings, print your required documents with confidence.

Remarkable Archivability
Produce prints that are durable enough to withstand elemental challenges with Epson’s all-pigment UltraChrome XD ink, which has a higher ink penetration on paper, providing you with tested high lightfastness, rub and water-resistant prints, ensuring that your prints can go anywhere you need them to.

Economical and Cost-effective
Enjoy competitive cost-per-page and cartridges sizes from 110ml to 700ml to suit different printing volume needs.

Comprehensive Options for Future Expansion
The SureColor T-5270 series can be tailored to suit your business requirements as it grows. Options available include internal 320GB HDD print server, Adobe® PostScrip® 3 Expansion Unit, 36"" MFP scanner and additional roll media adapter.

Internal 320 GB print server which can be managed remotely, and allows for print jobs to be saved and reprinted

Adobe® PostScrip® 3 Expansion Unit
Internal 320 GB print server that supports Hot-Folder batch printing and easily integrates into the most complex workflows, including support for secure PDF printing

3. 36"" MFP Scanner
Scan assorted media up to 1.3mm thick directly into your 320GB HDD. Free to transfer the image to another SureColor™ SC-T5270 series printers, send it to a recipient via e-mail, or store the image on your workspace shared folder or CIFS.

System Requirements:
Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 Bit),  Mac OS X(10.5.8 or later)

Epson T5270Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Windows All Version 32 & 64 Bit
Printer Driver - Epson PS Folder Application and PS3 PostScript v7.0.0 Windows 
Epson T5270 Printer Driver v7.09 Windows 32 Bit
Epson T5270 Printer Driver v7.09 Windows 64 Bit 
LFP Accounting Tool v1.7.2 Windows 
Firmware Update version DM020IA Windows 
Epson T5270 Drivers and Utilities Combo Package for Mac OS
Epson T5270 Printer Driver v10.19 for Mac OS
Printer Driver - PS3 PostScript v10.06 for Mac OS
Firmware Update version DM020IA for Mac OS


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